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AAMC Training Group is a globally recognised organisation for Learning and Development, operating in four countries: Australia, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. We aim to enhance the lives of individuals seeking personal and professional growth by bridging the competency gap through skill development and recruitment assistance.

AAMC Training has a decade of experience in India working with the Industry and the government too, which puts us in a great position to identify and mobilise skilled professionals to meet the skill gaps both within India and overseas. We are an authorised skilling and sourcing partner with National Skill Development Corporation International, offering international recruitment services for countries like Australia, UK, UAE, and other European destinations. Our specialisation lies in connecting skilled professionals with exciting opportunities in Manufacturing, Engineering, Healthcare, Maintenance, etc.

Our experience in conducting L&D interventions in 19+ states ensures our access to a rich talent pool for clients seeking top-notch candidates. Whether you're a job seeker aiming for a global career or an employer needing tailored recruitment solutions, we're here to empower your journey.