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Virtual Class Training Schedule
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Happy New Year from AAMC

As 2023 draws to a close,

Virtual Class Training Schedule

The mortgage broking industry offers great career opportunities!

Habits that will boost productivity

When working from home, you want to hit the ground running. Do not get into a habit of rolling out of bed and heading straight to the office.

Can you compete in the global workforce

When COVID-19 is over, employers may not be focussing on hiring for all former positions, leaving the unemployment levels higher than we have seen in decades.

Global skills needed to be employable post Covid19

Here are some skills you need to be employable during or after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teaching Your Teens Become Financially Responsible

Teenager may learn about the value of money at school, and how to spend it through observing you. It is equally important that we also teach them to save many and spend it wisely.

Message from our Managing Director

AAMC Training are here for you…

Professional Development Requirements

Course packages to meet your RG 206 professional development requirements

Improve your Technological Skills

Whether you're looking to advance in your career or better yourself in your current workplace, taking these discounted courses are an ideal first step.

TPB approved courses

Complete your qualification requirements to be TPB approved

Diploma Upgrade via Recognition of Prior Learning

AAMC Training are offering complimentary sessions to assist you in meeting the requirements of the recognition of prior learning (RPL) pathway to complete your FNS50315 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management Upgrade from FNS40815 Certific

July Update

Good Reasons to Consider a Trainee

Good reasons to consider a trainee

Hiring an entry-level experience trainee means paying for an entry-level salary. However, there are some benefits to hiring less experienced people.

Industry Experience Counts

Upgrade to Diploma via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Banker to Broker

RPL options for eligible ex-bankers

Cultivate Excellence at your Workplace

Business and Leadership Fundamentals CPD Package

Reinvent yourself

Are you considering a career change, adding a new service or seeking to upgrade your qualification?

April Update

The word ‘Diversify’ is commonly being used in our industry at the moment to describe what finance brokers should be considering and we couldn’t agree more. However, being ‘diversely skilled’ is also equally important…

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

The keyword going around in our industry is to ‘diversify’ and we couldn’t agree more. But being ‘diversely skilled’ is also equally if not more important.

Modern Day Gandhi

AAMC training India P/L, delivering solution based training across the globe, first entered India around 2009 and after one year left due to not being able to secure

International Womens day

In honor of women’s month, we are 10% off the already discounted price on selected business CPD packages.

February Updates

Financial planning educational standards have changed for new to industry advisers, but it's not the end for this qualification...

Ten thousand trees planted over ten years

AAMC Training Group is pleased to advise that via our Sponsored Partner Carbon Neutral and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Carbon Neutral has planted 10,000 trees on our behalf.

Radical solutions for radical times

Let’s take a look at the outcomes of the Royal Commission, remove all emotion for a moment and understand the recommendations that have been made by Commissioner Hayne.

The person in the mirror controls your future

So you are now back at work and wondering what lays ahead of you for 2019…

Seasons Greetings from us

Wishing you this holiday season

November Newsletter

Learn more about the Blockchain technology

October Newsletter

The school year end is nearing…

Skills that will help your Children Future Ready

Parents often refer to their children’s good grades to validate that they are choosing only the best for their future.

How to improve your presentation skills

Public Speaking

Three Things We Can Do to Show We Care

Suicide is the leading cause of death of Australians between 15 and 44 years of age. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 65,000 Australians attempted suicide

July Newsetter

Your Diploma could earn you 7 credits towards a university degree

Check out our University Pathways

AAMC Training is proud to be partnering with Didasko to offer a University educational pathway into a Bachelor of Applied Business course.

April Newsletter

AAMC Training are proud to announce that we now have Diploma level solutions for Accountants, Financial Planners and Bankers ...

March Newsletter

AAMC Training has been awarded a contract to deliver Victorian Skills First Funding! This is your chance to complete your qualifications at a lower cost by taking advantage of this offer.

Three Proven Uses of Microsoft Excel

For over 20 years, Microsoft Excel has been the industry standard for spreadsheet application. Although it can be intimidating at times, we cannot deny that Microsoft Excel give businesses the tools they need to run an effective business..

FREE Webinars on Microsoft Excel

If you're a beginner or have learned Excel for so many years but haven't been able to maximize its capability, this webinar is for you!

How a leader can create a Culture of happiness

A positive workplace culture starts from the top.

February Newsletter

Do you wish you had more help with those day to day administration tasks?

ACCC swamped with complaints over excessive card p

Following the implementation of the new excessive surcharge regulations, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (AACC) reportedly received 3144 complaints by the consumer watchdog.

How to save in back to school expenses

A survey conducted by the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) has revealed that the projected average cost of Australian public education for a child born in 2017 will be at least $68,000, and up to half a million dollars for private education.

Financial Planners Bringing in the A GAME

Clients rely on financial planners to guide them how to manage their finances.

Financial Planning for Accountants

Nowadays, clients are seeking more and more services from their accounting firms.

Find the right people for your business

What does it cost to hire a new employee? There are many individual costs incurred during the hiring process, including advertising costs, in-house recruiters’ salaries or third-party recruiter fees, sign-on bonuses and employee referral bonuses, and

Budgeting and financial goals

Financial planners help clients determine their short and long-term financial goals.

January Newsletter

Crowdfunding - how to comply under Australian Law

Seven Companies received ASIC approval

Following the global success of different crowdsourcing platform, ASIC authorised seven companies to allow start-ups and small businesses to raise their capital from the public with fewer regulatory requirements.

TPB CPD Package

Complete your TASA Training and CPE hours with AAMC Training!

Proven Customer Service Tips from Top Entrepreneur

Whether you are a startup store owner or an accomplished company proprietor, we sometimes set aside the importance of listening to what our customers have to say.

Improving Lives Through Education

AAMC Training Group are a Registered Training Organisation in Australia, whilst also operating in India, Indonesia and Philippines.

Australia Training Solutions Provider of the year

AAMC Training Group are a Registered Training Organisation in Australia and also operating in India, Indonesia and Philippines.

CBA Lifts the Standards of Accreditation for Mortg

Commonwealth Bank has announced that, from next year, it will no longer accept accreditations from new mortgage brokers

Six Tips to Keep Your Multi generational Workplace

Businesses ability to bridge gap between baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials will have a ripple effect in the workplace culture, retention and engagement.

Five Good Reasons Why Face to Face Works

With the rage in e-learning, is it the time for face-to-face training to disappear?


FNS40821 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking 
9:30am to 4:00pm AEST    

We provide three days of virtual training which can be on consecutive days.




FNS50322 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management Full Diploma
9:30am to 2:30pm AEST
We provide six days of virtual training which can be on consecutive days.




FNS50322 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management 
Upgrade from FNS40804, FNS40810, FNS40811 or FNS40815
9:30am to 2:30pm AEST - extra afternoon sessions may be required.
We provide five days of virtual training which can be on consecutive days.




FNS50322 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management 
Upgrade from FNS40820 or FNS40821

9.30am to 2.00pm AEST 
We provide three days of virtual training which can be on consecutive days.


Virtual classes are in Australian Eastern Standard Time





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