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This course brings to your notice the comparison of both manual and automated accounting system.

How should I process and maintain accounting procedures?
A business big or small always needs to manage its finances. The accounting system that an organisation takes up depends on the size of the organisation. Some organisations may not have the resources to carry out financial management activities and may hire a professional. This course brings to your notice the comparison of both manual and automated accounting system. It also stresses that you comprehend the significance of having an operating budget and streamline business activities according to it. Various financial statements and internal controls assist in ensuring that business is following its plans. This course is a well-written guide to deal with offending debtors and identifies procedures to prevent or collect long pending debts.


The course covers topics such as:
• What types of accounting system exist?
• Which accounting system is preferable for a system?
• How are finances forecasted through budget planning?
• How different kinds of financial statements keep a check if your spending is on the track?
• How to prevent your debts getting overdue?
• What points should be considered for making a sound credit policy?






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