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Handle receipt and dispatch of info

This course provides an overview of skills and knowledge required to receive and distribute incoming mail, and to collect and despatch outgoing mail.

How to manage receipt/dispatch of mails and classify files/records?
This course calls attention to how a well-timed and properly managed correspondence can save a lot of your valuable time. Mail services at the source end should categorise the mails as official or unofficial and must label them properly to ensure that undelivered mails return to the sender. In addition, the course deems company files and records as its valuable assets and stresses on taking a careful approach to safeguard them. You must also classify records depending on their accessibility and storage. Making a note of the activity level of a record helps establish its retention schedule to allow efficient filing, retrieval, maintenance, and disposal. With concerns like this and many more, this course complements your record management strategy.


This course discusses:
• Functions of mail services
• Addressing and classifying various types of mails
• Classifying files and records
• Establishing a file management system
• Records retention
• Recording messages and taking appropriate action on messages within an appropriate time period






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