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There are no qualification courses for this area at the moment, please refer to our CPD page for courses covering this industry.
About Mentoring & Coaching Course

Mentoring and Life Style Coaching short courses are available to firstly train the mentor and coach who can combine these new found and tested skills to ensure all required skill areas for the mentee are applied, tested and monitored, plus the mentee’s supervisor in the work place also makes a strong contribution to the mentee’s progress and success. Students who have undertaken courses and are in the workplace without being able to be mentored whilst apply the learning in a work environment, are not as productive as properly mentored students. AAMC Training can structure mentoring programs around any desired outcomes and courses, coupled with ongoing CPD, CPE, and professional development for the students to continue to maintain and improve their learning skills. Courses are delivered via Face to Face, Classroom, Online and Correspondence.