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Regulatory Guide 235 - Registering your business name CPD

This guide is for people who wish to run a business in Australia using a business name and explains when and how to register your business name and how to maintain it after it is registered.

It also gives some guidance about business names that were previously registered in a state or territory.

From 28 May 2012, ASIC took over the registration of business names from the states and territories.

If you want to carry on a business under a business name, you will generally need to register the business name. To register a business name, you must complete an online application and lodge it with ASIC. If your business name is currently registered in a state or territory, it will be automatically transferred to ASIC’s Business Names Register and you do not need to register with ASIC.

If, on 28 May 2012, your business name was registered in a state or territory, you will not have to register it again with ASIC. Your business name will be automatically transferred to the Business Names Register: see RG 235.7–RG 235.11.

You will need to verify your details in the Business Names Register: see RG 235.12–RG 235.18.

If you have an identical business name registered in more than one state or territory, you may choose to keep one business name record and cancel your remaining business names: see RG 235.9.

If, after the national Business Names Register has been established, we are able to reliably determine that you are the holder of identical business names under the Business Names Register, we may contact you in relation to combining your details into one entry in the Business Names Register: see RG 235.10. If combining your business names results in more than one principal place of business or address for service of documents, ASIC may request that you nominate a single principal place of business or address for service of documents: see RG 235.19–RG 235.23.






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