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Finance and Mortgage Broking Introduction Course

This CPD course will enable you to understand the basic principles of mortgage lending whilst at the same time be conversant with the common finance and real estate industry terminology.


AAMC Training has introduced this course as a result of repeated requests from Broker Principals, within the mortgage broking industry that recognised a need for their back office staff to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of mortgage broking and to enable those staff to play an integral part in the whole lending process.

You will be guided through these fundamentals with information provided by well qualified, industry experienced personnel and will then be required to answer questions to confirm your understanding of the knowledge imparted.
For the beginner, this course is designed to provide all of the information needed to be a successful participant in the finance broking industry. Finance Brokers work with clients to determine their borrowing needs and capacity to repay, select a loan that suits the borrower’s aims and objectives and manage the process through to settlement. Brokers need strong financial literacy skill, excellent people and customer service skills and the ability to really listen to a client’s needs.
Finance broking is one of the best kept secrets in business because we provide solutions for people and families in order they can fulfil their dreams and improve their lifestyles. We assist people in purchasing homes, refinancing and paying off debt. 
Our goal is to provide beginners, aspiring professionals, and loan officers that have entered the business without the benefit of thorough training, with the opportunity to succeed and prosper in the finance broking industry. We invite anyone to take advantage of the training program to enhance their life and career to the fullest. 

Course Content

Section 1: The Australian financial sector and its regulators
Section 2: Industry guidelines, procedures and legislation
Section 3: Australian mortgage products and solutions 
Section 4: Assessment of loans
Section 5: Residential mortgage loan process



Online and Face-to-face



For when the online delivery option is available, you will need to have access to a computer with an internet connection.



Your enrolment is valid for a period of twelve months.



3 online multi-choice assessments



CPD Hours - 3



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