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Credit Licensee and Responsible Managers Training - 2024
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AUD 429.00
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AUD 364.99
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Package Description: This package is designed for Responsible Managers (ACL) and is equivalent to 20 CPD hours/points

Courses Available:

  1. Time Management - Get Organised for Peak Performance
  2. ASIC Investigations and Enforcement
  3. Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
  4. Protecting Your Business from Cybersecurity Attacks: A Primer
  5. Responsible Lending Conduct
  6. Understanding Contract Law
  7. Credit licensing: Competence and training (RG 206)
  8. Licensing: Administrative action against persons engaging in credit activities (RG 218)
  9. Data Storage Security Best Practices
  10. Better Complaint Outcomes through Communication No Schedule Available
  11. Comprehensive Credit Reporting
  12. Managing Across Cultures
  13. Open Banking and Consumer Data Right
  14. Process Improvement with Gap Analysis
  15. Delegation – The Art of Delegating Effectively
Latest Reviews for Banking / Finance
  • Good Assessors that have experience and also recognise and understand the experience of the student.
    Lance New South Wales

  • It was a challenging but necessary course! Glad I took and passed this course as it helped me face the reality work at my new job! :)

  • Amazing course, looking forward to pursuing another course in the future.
    Ethan Western Australia
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