Partners is a niche job board headed up by specialist recruiter Zak Wilford.

The site provides visibility and a comparison of financial services opportunities for job seekers pursuing suitable roles.

Those looking to grow their business and team afford themselves a more qualified candidate by advertising their opportunity to a pool of talent specifically seeking new job opportunities in the finance industry.







Finance and Coffee is the largest finance broker community in Australia. There you will find brokers across Aggregators and Industry Bodies (as well as lenders and allied services) helping each other out with scenarios, tips and best practice advice on how to make it in the ever changing lending environment. It will require additional due diligence and research on a broker's part to put their client(s) in a product that is not unsuitable for them. But the community is there to assist the broker at the beginning of that search.

Page content is largely dictated by the User. Hence it is truly a community built by brokers for brokers. It is a not platform to voice negativity or promote one's own brand. It is a learning platform first and foremost. It is a place where you can also earn CPD points from both Industry bodies towards educational reading. So what are you waiting for? click here to join!