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Learning Management System


AAMC Training’s Learning Management System (LMS) is a FREE online tool providing training plans and continued professional development records for you and your staff.

Any course, accredited or non-accredited, completed through AAMC Training is automatically recorded on an annual statement with the availability to also manually add any professional / personal development done elsewhere. This tool will store 7 years of PD statements for you to provide easy access and reporting if and when required. This system is for individual members to maintain their records or companies can appoint an administrator to control the company’s training records, enrol new members and has many report functionalities that enable the company to know exactly what studies their members are currently undertaking, their progress and what their members have completed. This enables companies to set training plans for their members.

Another very powerful part of this system is that it enables Associations, Regulators, Licence Holders, Aggregators, companies, subcompanies and individual members to view and monitor members ongoing training to enable everyone to meet their regulatory requirements.

To build your own powerful system maybe cost prohibitive to many and hence AAMC Training is offering this service for free to those that support us. So download your company registration form today by clicking the link provided, complete and return to us as instructed. We will set up your free account and provide you with clear instructions on how to operate the system.



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