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System Requirements

Studying with AAMC Training you will need a computer or mobile device with internet access, ensuring pop-up blockers are turned off for our website. For the best blended learning experience, we recommend the following minimum specifications for your computer system:  

  • At least 128MB RAM
  • At least 1GB hard drive
  • 56K modem or better
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader available free from the Adobe website
  • CD ROM drive
  • A printer
  • Microsoft Office 2000 or later

For PC users
A Pentium I processor or better
Windows 2000 or later
Recommended browsers: Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / MS Internet Explorer 9 or later

For Mac users
Macintosh G3 or better
OS 9.2 or later

For Mobile Devices
Adobe App
An App to allow you to read Microsoft Office documents

Please note: you will not be able to upload written assessments through the AAMC Training portal using a mobile device.