Six Good Reasons Why Face to Face Works
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Six Good Reasons Why Face to Face Works

With the rage in e-learning, is it the time for face-to-face training to disappear?

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6 Good Reasons Why Face-to-Face Works







1. Engagement and focus – Virtual training relies heavily on the self-discipline of the learner to remain focused and avoid distractions. By virtue of the fact most online training can be done anywhere and at any time, there may be a tendency to cram it in to an already busy schedule or indeed multi task during the course, limiting the effectiveness of the learning which may mean that it can take longer to sink in, if at all.


Face-to-face training happens at a particular time, in a particular place, ideally away from distractions and interruptions.  A great trainer will have plenty of techniques in their toolkit to ensure the students remain attentive, engaged and focused. 


2. Tailored – Everyone learns in different way and so a skilled trainer will be able to adapt the training to suit their audience. A trainer can convey content in a way that cannot be necessarily achieved with online training. If the learner is confused or not absorbing the information they can let the trainer know point of time and the will acknowledge this to deliver the information a different way or at a slower pace.  


 3. Miscommunication and Misinterpretation – It is much more likely that information can be misinterpreted or mis-communicated through virtual training. If a learner is unsure of the meaning of something, needs to clarify understanding or wants to explore a concept in more detail, this is achieved much more easily through face-to-face training.


This can often be a way to tap into the expertise of the trainer and enable the learner to seek their advice on how to tackle the issue.


4. Learning style preference – Every person is different and so people learn, absorb and process information in different ways. For some, online learning has revolutionised their ability to make the most out of training, in the same way that face-to-face training will only ever cut it for others.


5. Networking and relationship building - Face to face training offers a great opportunity to make some new contacts and find out what is happening in other organisations.


Unlike other networking events where there is a fleeting 60 seconds to make a great impression, training can enable individuals build relationships over a longer period of time. Being surrounded by peers offers the chance to learn from other’s experience, knowledge and opinions. 


In conclusion, whilst virtual training is the shiny new thing, face-to-face training still has a wealth of benefits which should not be overlooked. Whilst online training may at first look like a cost effective, time efficient method of training, this may not always be the case in the long run!