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Terms And Conditions



AAMC Training Terms & Conditions

(V6.0 13Aug2020)

All enrolments are subject to these terms and conditions. Occasionally our terms & conditions may be subject to change. Please remain updated throughout your course duration.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

For all Australian Qualification Courses under the national AQF standards, you are required to provide your USI Number prior to commencing a course. If you do not have a USI number, you may apply for one through AAMC Training at enrolment or via the website.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

AAMC Training provide ongoing feedback and support to RPL students throughout the duration of the process.

Credit Transfer

AAMC Training recognises equivalent unit of competencies within Qualifications and Statements of Attainments issued by other Registered Training Organisation’s upon provision and verification of the certified copy of the Qualification (including record of results) or Statement of Attainment.

Course delivery method

Online and virtual interactive classroom training.

Course duration / completion period

Your enrolment is valid for a period of between 12 and 24 months (dependent on course).

During your course, AAMC Training provide regular email reminders of course expiry. There is also an email prompt where there has been no course activity for 30 days.

You may purchase an extension within 30 days of course expiry, however outside of this timeframe will require you to re-enrol. The system will offer the opportunity to extend the course duration (up to an additional 6 months). A course extension fee of $147.00 will be payable.

Course materials

Course material for all delivery methods will be provided via the AAMC Training Members Area upon payment of the course.

Face to face training is not available during COVID-19 pandemic and Government restrictions.

Course content and material is protected by Copyright laws and cannot be copied, transmitted to or used by any person other than the course participant.

The enrolment date is deemed to be acknowledgement and acceptance by you that the course period has commenced. 

Course completion guarantee

Once you have commenced study in chosen course, AAMC Training will guarantee to complete the training and/or assessment within the course duration time-frame. If you are unable to complete the course due to illness or extenuating circumstances, AAMC may negotiate a course extension. In the instance that the course is superseded by the industry regulator, AAMC Training will work to assist you to complete the required work prior to the teach-out period or offer a transfer to the equivalent new course (if equivalent).

Class sizes

AAMC Training requires a minimum of five (5) students for delivery courses of their courses. Should there be less than five (5) students enrolled, the course may be cancelled and you may transfer to an alternative course date or receive a full/partial refund of fees, subject to the above conditions.

Measures to protect the students' course

Should AAMC Training be unable to continue delivering a qualification course, they will arrange for any eligible student i.e. has not withdrawn from the course or has not completed their study to be offered enrolment in a course leading to the same, or a comparable, qualification with minimum disruption to their studies. If this option is available then a refund of the unused portions of their paid tuition fees as required under National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 Schedule 6 and Clause 7.3 of Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 or equivalent cannot be found for registered RTOs).  

The above is subject to the following:

  • the course not commencing;
  • the course ceasing to be provided after it has started; or
  • the full course not being delivered because a sanction has been imposed on the provider

When a student is relocated, the VET provider receiving the student will make no additional tuition charge for the portion of the course for which the former VET provider has received payment.


If you are unable to commence the requested workshop, you may transfer to another available course date. These requests must be made at least seven (7) days prior to the course commencement. You may not transfer your enrolment to another student. Online students may upgrade to virtual interactive classroom training for an additional fee. You are not permitted to transfer to a different qualification course once your selected course has commenced. 

Assessment procedures

Assessments applicable to your chosen course may include; role plays, case studies, research projects and knowledge questions.

All assessment uploads include a declaration saying that the work and evidence you are submitting is completely your own. This is a binding legal statement, so if it is found that a student has used an outside source (paid or otherwise) to either complete or over-collaborate on their assessments, this will be classified as cheating or plagiarism.  

Throughout the duration of the course, assessment support will be provided. However, prior to contacting student support, it is expected that you will have thoroughly read your learner guide and additional resources.

Outcomes of assessment will be advised by AAMC Training within 10 business days of receipt of the submission. If an assessment needs resubmission, your assessor will provide feedback of further information required. You will have up to three (3) resubmission opportunities without charge. All communication will be via email and the member area.

Plagiarism means to copy information and research from another source and present it as your own work. Some examples of plagiarism and excessive collaboration may include, but not limited to:

  • Submitting someone else’s assessment as your own
  • Submitting an author’s work without proper referencing/acknowledgement
  • Allowing someone else to submit your work as theirs
  • Submitting the same responses - your work should be your own and show differences, even when working with other students

If evidence of plagiarism and/or excessive collaboration is established, you will be contacted and advised of the concerns with your submitted work and given an opportunity to respond and/or resubmit. An additional re-assessing fee may be incurred, please see Fees Information. If deemed a sufficiently serious breach, your enrolment may be terminated, for which all fees paid are forfeited and non-refundable.


You will receive email confirmation of individual assessment results as well as a final email confirming you have successfully completed your course. Copies of certificates with Record of Results / Statement of Attainment may be accessed from your Members Area immediately and the official certificate will be mailed to your current address within 30 days of certification. You will have an opportunity to verify your current address with your final assessment upload.

Fees and charges

Upon receipt of payment, completion of LLN process and verification of USI you will gain access to the course material and assessments. Payments can be made by credit card, direct credit or cheque. All credit card transactions are processed in Australian dollars. GST is not payable on VET Qualification courses. However, GST will be charged on all other services/products.

Additional Fee Schedule

Course Extension Fee


Duplicate Certificate


Purchase of course manual (if already enrolled on the course)

$50 to $200

Course Cancellation Fee


Review and resubmission of a plagiarised assessment 

$147 per assessment

Re-assessing fee (charged after 3 attempts, at our discretion)

$50 per assessment

Re-enrolment fee (only applicable up to 6 months after expiry)

20% discount will be applied to full advertised course fee

TPB assessment invigilation via Zoom

$35 per assessment

For online/correspondence student requiring an AAMC Training assessor to conduct a Third Party Observer Skills Signoff, there will be a fee.

For face to face students who did not complete or misplaced their Third Party Observer Skills Signoff (pre-COVID-19 restrictions), a fee will apply to have this completed by our assessor.

$35-$45 per skills signoff assessment


A full refund will be made in the event the chosen virtual interactive classes or workshop do not proceed. If the student chooses to attend another course, the fees will be transferred to that course.


Reason for Refund

Notification requirements


Client withdraws from face to face schedule 
(N/A during COVID-19 restrictions)

In writing, fourteen (14) calendar days or more prior to the course commencement

100% of the course fee (paid by the client) less $147 cancellation fee

Client withdraws from face to face schedule 
(N/A during COVID-19 restrictions)

In writing, within seven (7) to thirteen (13) calendar days prior to the course commencement.

50% of the full course fee, (regardless of how much the Client has already paid) less $147 cancellation fee

Client withdraws from face to face schedule 
(N/A during COVID-19 restrictions)

In writing, less than seven (7) calendar days prior to course commencement.

Nil Refund (IF the cancellation is due to extreme unforeseen circumstances, the refund will be at the discretion of AAMC Training.)

Client withdrawn from the course by AAMC Training Group

After course commencement, due to inappropriate behaviour

Nil Refund

Course cancelled by AAMC Training Group


100% of the course fee (paid by the client) 

Client withdraws from online, correspondence or RPL course

At any point

Nil Refund

If the cancellation is due to unforeseen circumstances, you may defer to a later commencement date. If a refund of fees is requested, AAMC Training will only accept the claim in writing, stating the reasons for the request. Evidence may also be required to support the claim. Any claim will be considered at the discretion of AAMC Training and assessed fairly on its merits. 

For online and RPL courses, no refund is payable by AAMC Training from the point of course commencement. The AAMC Training Group refund policy is available on the company website 

Privacy policy

AAMC Training record phone calls for training and quality purposes. If you do not wish your call to be recorded you can advise our staff member at the beginning of the phone call.

AAMC Training’s Privacy Policy is acknowledged during the enrolment process and available on our website at post enrolment.

Student records

Certificates will remain accessible after successful course completion via member area of the AAMC Training website.


AAMC Training values your feedback, so we would really appreciate your assistance in helping us continually improve and meet our quality indicator reporting requirements. At the end of your course you will be invited to provide us with comments and ratings regarding your training experience, please take us up on this offer!

Complaints and appeals procedures

AAMC Training’s complaints and appeals procedures may be viewed on our website at

Access and equity policies

AAMC Training trainers and staff are governed by codes of conduct and legislation that supports Access and Equity. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing resources and methods of delivery that can include all participants
  • Providing suitable accommodation, facilities and amenities enabling all participants to attend
  • Using appropriate language respecting cultural diversity
  • Ensuring that trainers, students and other staff behave in culturally respectful manner.

The AAMC Training Group Access and Equity Policy is available on the company website


We respectfully request that you inform AAMC Training prior to course commencement of any special needs that you may have across all methods of study. Where training is held at a venue AAMC will ensure that the venue has suitable access, facilities and amenities for all. Email to advise your specific requirements.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

AAMC Training offers courses and programs that, based on the field of study, requires a comprehensive level of Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN). The LLN process will provide AAMC Training with information that will guide the level of support you may require. AAMC Training does not discriminate against students or potential students who have been identified as having LLN support requirements. However, if additional LLN support is required outside of the scope of AAMC Training, you may be referred to a professional organisation specialising in LLN for further assistance. This process and outcome will provide further consideration for you to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with the enrolment. In a situation where AAMC Training has advised against proceeding until LLN skills reach an appropriate level, AAMC Training will offer you a refund or a credit toward participating in a training course at a later date.

The AAMC Training Group LLN Policy is available on the company website :

Bullying and harassment

Legislation is in place prohibiting any form of bullying and harassment of fellow students, trainers and other staff. AAMC Training has a zero tolerance for bullying and harassing behaviour and will exclude such persons from the training environment. You must may not engage in harassment or discriminatory conduct during class or when interacting with our staff. This includes rude or disrespectful communication via email, phone calls and SMS.

Examples of inappropriate behaviour include but are not limited to:

  • threats
  • insults
  • abuse
  • offensive or obscene language; this may also extend to the use of inappropriate language in emails, messages and voicemails.

Harassment is when a student engages in behaviour that is unwelcome or which offends, humiliates or intimidates;

  • aggressive behaviour such as yelling;
  • any activity that disrupts the trainer's management of the class or disrupts other students’ learning;
  • making jokes about person’s disability, pregnancy, sexuality, age religion and/or ethnicity; spreading rumours.

Such exclusion from the course will not warrant any refund of monies or issuance of any qualification.

The AAMC Training Group Access and Equity Policy is available on the company website :

For a list of relevant legislative and regulatory guides

Upon enrolment, the student officially understands and agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions.