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question What does AAMC stand for?
faq Question Is AAMC Training Group a Registered Training Organisation?
faq Question How do I Enrol?
faq Question Do you run courses Australia-wide?
faq Question Are your courses ASIC approved?
faq Question Are your courses nationally recognised or recognised by MFAA and FBAA?
Question What is RPL?
question What are CPD Hours?
faq Question How to get set up as a broker?
faq Question How do I apply for a Financial Service License (AFSL)?
faq Question If I complete my studies, can I sell Financial Services Products?
faq Question Can I seek an extension if I am unable to complete my assessments within the specified period?
faq Question Are all AAMC trainers industry experienced?
faq Question Can our company arrange exclusive / tailored classes to meet our specific needs?
faq Question How and when will I receive my results and certificate?
faq Question What happens if I don’t pass?