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Corporate Social Responsibility



We aim to improve the lives of current and future generations via education and supporting our environment.

Improving the lives of people and the planet through sustainable education.


AAMC Training  growing minds AND the environment

Working with our valued partner, Carbon Neutral, AAMC Training has planted 19,000 trees to date.

Over many years we have realised that the environment is a vital part to support generations to come. To reduce our carbon footprint, AAMC Training uses recycled products where possible, and are always enhancing systems to improve our online course delivery option.

Planting a tree for every member who completes their qualification course is a way of giving back to our environment.

This would not be possible without our valued members, whom we would like to thank sincerely for choosing us as their training provider.


Overview of the project 

The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Project is a unique project – both in scale and as the first Australian project to be certified under the international Gold Standard Foundation.

From a small scale initial biodiverse planting in 2008 the project has expanded into an 11,700-hectare restoration of uneconomic and partly degraded farmland. It aims to create a connected, biodiverse landscape across the mid-west Wheatbelt region, offsetting carbon emissions, and supporting the conservation of ecological communities of native flora and fauna.

Carbon Neutral CEO, Ray Wilson, said effective greenhouse gas emission reduction will require large scale reforestation across Australia if we are to achieve the targets set out in our current international commitments.

“Trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere. We’re demonstrating that carbon habitat farming can generate new and diverse revenue streams for Australian farmers with carbon credits being sold to local and international buyers”.

AAMC Training will continue to sponsor Carbon Neutral, as we feel this project is a great way to say thank you to our members for their ongoing support.

This way, not only are we IMPROVING LIVES THROUGH EDUCATION for our members, but also through our support of the environment, which in turn is also an investment in their families’ future.

Watch this video for more information on Carbon Neutral.