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Government Funding

Why hire a Trainee?

Trainees may take more work initially, but they bring so many other benefits to your business: 

  • Initial lower cost to your business and great incentives
  • You can train them to suit your business systems and approach
  • They bring fresh ideas and energy to your business – many younger trainees are skilled in other areas such as social media networking 
  • They work in your business which may provide more comfort to your clients and their privacy 
  • Trainees are generally more open to assisting you with ad hoc tasks in order to learn
  • Your next champion – only if you are willing to put in the time and effort to mentor your trainee
  • Good retention strategy – the individual has the benefit of completing a qualification whilst learning on the job

Boosting Apprenticeships

To assist with the recovery from the impact of COVID-19, the Australian Government is providing support to all eligible employers who engage a new Australian Apprentice between
5 October 2020 and 31 March 2022

Boosting Apprenticeships
More Information

Please contact AAMC Training Group directly to find out more: 

+61 3 9391 3643 or

A Traineeship is a great way for an employer to recruit and integrate a new employee into the business whilst providing nationally accredited training. It is also a great way for a new employee to learn the skills and knowledge the business and industry needs.

State and Federal Governments provide financial incentives to employers to hire Australian Trainees ranging from $750 for recommencing a traineeship, to up to $4,000 for completion. The contract for an Australian Traineeship is organised via a recognised Australian Apprenticeship Provider. AAMC Training may be nominated as the preferred registered training provider (RTO) at the time of signing the contract. The qualifications offered by AAMC Training Group may not be a recognised traineeship qualification in all states.


Candidate eligibility

  • Be at least 15 years of age.
  • Employed on either a full time or part time permanent basis; casual employees are not eligible to participate. Part time hours will need to be confirmed with the Australian Apprenticeship provider.
  • Employed less than three months full time, or less than 12 months part time.
  • Either an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident or meet other criteria.
  • Must not hold a higher qualification than the one they are seeking to complete. For Cert IV level qualifications, a Cert II is generally regarded as the highest qualification for eligibility. There may be other exceptions such as, but not limited to; the prior qualification being more than seven years old and the year in which the candidate completed secondary school.

PLEASE NOTE: More information can be found at the Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships website AAMC Training refer employers and candidates to an Australian Apprenticeship provider to gain further and accurate information regarding their own circumstances. This information is subject to change and is to be viewed as a guide only.

Our process

AAMC Training will provide guidance and ongoing support to both the employer and employee during the term of the traineeship.

The method of study is strictly via Virtual Classroom to better support the trainee. AAMC Training do not offer traineeships via an online method of study in certain Australian states, due to the nature and requirements of the traineeship.

AAMC Training initial induction and visitations are required to be completed with the Employer and Trainee to ensure the trainee is effectively developing within their job role, in line with the course competencies. Visitation requirements differ in each state and are conducted virtually, at mutually convenient times. These visits require documentation to be completed via the Trainee Record book. The Trainee Record book is provided to the Trainee and Employer at the time of induction but is considered a live working document that must be partially completed in line with the on-the-job training before each quarterly visitation. Both the assigned Supervisor and Trainee are required to be at the induction and every visitation. All virtual sessions are recorded for quality and training purposes. 

Our fees

Standard course fees apply. Please refer to our website for the relevant course fees. In addition to the course fee a Traineeship administration fee of $1,500 per Trainee will be charged. This covers the administration and management of the Trainee and the overall process.

Employer responsibilities and obligations

  • Provide relevant on-the-job training
  • Provide supervision of their Trainee
  • Allow the Trainee time to complete tasks associated with the training plan during paid work time
  • Three hours per week release for structured training averaged over a 4-week period (pro-rata for part time employees) during paid work time
  • Complete all required paperwork and attend induction, and all visitations required by the AAP and AAMC Training (as nominated RTO)
  • Notify both the AAP and AAMC Training if a Trainee is falling behind with course progress, the employer is unable to continue supporting the Traineeship process, or the Trainee has resigned and/or left the business

Trainee responsibilities and obligations

  • To attend virtual classroom training sessions allocated
  • Progress through their training course towards a nominated completion date
  • Attend induction and traineeship visits booked with AAMC Training Group

Important information

If an Employer or Trainee do not meet the required obligations to AAMC Training, we may decline/refuse or cancel a Traineeship contract at any time including if:

  • an employer or candidate enrols into a/the qualification and commences the course before notifying AAMC Training that it is an intended Traineeship, AAMC Training will be required to decline the Traineeship.
  • they do not complete the required documents, attend required meetings, or complete the on the job and off the job training requirements
  • Traineeships may have a nominal duration of between 12 – 36 months, however completions terms are determined by all parties
  • Traineeship funding and requirements may differ in each Australian state or territory

Other criteria may apply, and information on this page may be subject to change at any time.
State training funding may also be available in your state and may be combined with traineeship incentives.