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Professional Development

AAMC Training is aware of the critical need for people to continue educating and up-skilling themselves throughout their careers - a promotion, a career change or you need extra knowledge and skills, AAMC Training can help!

A number of Industry areas that we support are strictly regulated and require a certain number of PD (Professional Development) points as a matter of course and set a target number to be attained for each year.

 AAMC Training has provided this Professional Development selection solution to help our clients to stay abreast of industry updates and on top of their Professional Development point requirements.



A unique, comprehensive knowledge base of practical content that is universally proven, easily accessible with methods and ideas to deliver increased productivity and profitability quickly. It consists of:


 •Practical sales techniques, tips and tactics


•Practical soft skills applications


•Marketing ideas and practice


•Communicating ideas


•Interaction skills material


•Many Solutions to make you successful


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aamc professional development