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Government Funding

An Australian Apprenticeship is a great way for an employer to recruit and integrate a new employee into the business whilst providing nationally accredited training. It is also a great way for a new employee to learn the skills and knowledge the business and industry needs. Apprenticeships include both traditional trade apprenticeships and non-traditional traineeships in approximately 500 industries. Australian apprentices must be at least 15 years of age and may already hold a lower qualification. There is no maximum age. Training can be developed to suit the specific needs of your business. 

The State and Federal Governments provide financial incentives to employers to hire Australian apprentices. This ensures Australia remains a world leader in training highly skilled workers. Incentives range from $750 for recommencing an apprenticeship, to up to $4000 for completing. Depending on the eligibility of an Australian apprentice, the employer may be entitled to claim some Government incentives.

There are a variety of factors that may attract a higher financial incentive, some of these are: 

  • ‘New worker’
  • ‘High priority occupation’ or on the National Skills Needs List (NSC)
  • Is the occupation classed as a ‘Non-Priority Occupation’?
  • ‘Mature Aged’ adult apprentice (45 years or older)
  • Regional or Rural Skills Shortage Occupation
  • Declared drought area
  • School-based apprentice
  • Person with a disability

Apprenticeship programs listed on the National Skills Shortage List and that are deemed ‘High Priority’ will attract further incentives.

Key benefits of being an Australian apprentice:

  • Increased productivity 
  • Personalised and flexible training models
  • Nationally accredited qualifications - "learn by doing"
  • Access to a range of support staff and services
  • Recognition of prior skills
  • Monthly on the job contact
  • Training resources supplied
  • Training program tailored to suit your needs
  • Trade Support Loan (up to $20,000) paying the apprentice an extra payment each month over the duration of the qualification (3 - 4 years). The loan payments can be used for whatever financial support they may need. On completion of their trade qualification the apprentice will commence paying back the loan through the Australian Taxation Office once their income is over a certain threshold.
  • Skills based workshops (if required)

State training funding may also be available in your state. Please contact AAMC Training Group directly to find out if the chosen apprenticeship would attract government funding and to discuss what options may be available.

For more information contact AAMC Training Group on + 61 3 9391 3643.