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Consultancy Services



Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services


AAMC Training Group has many experience years across many areas of the Financial ,Regulatory, Banking, Business models, Finance Broking, Financial Planning , Insurance, Mentoring and Coaching programmes for many industries and professions in which we deal , Occupational Health and Safety training , Real Estate Industry, Retail , Sales and Marketing programmes and we are even assisting some countries adopt the Australian Vocational Education Systems to meet their own countries needs.

Our experience also extends into assisting with the set up of the Australian business models being Financial Advising , Credit Advising , Insurance Advising and many add on and support structures ranging from assessing the needs of BPO’s , Back Office Processing Centres and also at the same time up-skilling BPO’s offshore team members to meet the Australian regulatory requirements whilst undertaking the offshore processing role.

AAMC Training will work with Regulators and decisions makers in assisting and working with them in the assessing of the training and up-skilling needed, coupled with the sharing of ideas and knowledge gained across many countries and combined years of experience.

So if are thinking how can you diversify your business offerings or provide more opportunities to your workers and potentially provide them with a brighter future and not sure how to implement your ideas then talk to us today.

A Problem shared is a problem halved.

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Phone: + 61 8 9344 4088 Toll Free : 1800 66 2262

Fax:+ 61 8 9344 4188