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Compliance Toolkit And Templates




Compliance tool kit and management

National Consumer Credit Protection Compliance Toolkit
The National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act started on the 1st July 2010. AAMC Training Group designed the first of its kind, online tool to provide brokers with a NCCP compliance kit to assist with the transition.

The NCCP Toolkit provides:

• An online handbook, taking you through all the ASIC Regulatory Guides and other relevant information

• Necessary regulatory forms and templates

CPD points which will relate to reading online courses and assessments

• Online CPD Learning Management System for the licence holder and their members.

We have built this system and templates so that we can adapt to meet any Financial Services regulations needs and even adapt it to meet the Real Estate Industry disclosure when its released in due course. This system can be adapted nationally and Internationally to ensure complete disclosure and adherence to the regulatory and compliance requirements.

Talk to us today for advice and assistance in this area and lets us help you in up skilling your work force with many courses both accredited and non accredited to ensure your members are properly trained and skilled to meet this technology age.

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