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TestOut: Develop your IT skills through a genuinely unique system


Learning practical IT skills can be difficult without physical access to often expensive hardware, and while Textbooks are useful learning tools, they're no replacement for experience.

TestOut has developed a solution to this problem, ensuring that the value of hands-on IT training is within reach of anyone with an Internet connection and a browser.

Through TestOut's innovative online tool, LabSim, any prospective IT student can experience hands-on simulations of real-world IT scenarios - performing critical tasks in the hardware, software or networking realms all within a web browser.

This exciting way to learn is integrated within comprehensive courses that include video lectures, demonstrations and online interactive assessments in combination with detailed and searchable text.

AAMC Training Group now offer TestOut courses through our own industry-leading Learning Management System. Simply click here to access our selection of courses available.

If you are interested in implementing TestOut within your organisation, please contact us directly.


Hear how LabSim is solving IBM Global IT Training needs


Improving Lives through Education is what AAMC Training all about!


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