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The Importance of Consistently Updating your System

By: Jeff Mazzini

At AAMC Training Group, we are constantly updating our technology systems to efficiently support all our clients' needs both locally and globally.

One of the issues we encountered, based from the phone calls we received is the accessibility problem of our members to their course materials. In resolving this issue, we found out that our members have not downloaded the latest browser update.

With the constant changes in the technology nowadays, it's highly recommended that we also need to keep up with the new releases to avoid incompatibility or some productivity issues. So what do we mean by this? Let's say you're using Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 but Microsoft recently released their updated version of their Operating System to Windows 10. With the latest version, you will expect some improved functions/features that will help the users to be more productive in their job roles and besides some new software updates will not also function with the old browsers. This will also help the entire organisation to be at par with the competitive market in the industry. Please take note that Microsoft stopped their support to their past versions like Windows XP. With no support, more problems occur and it's not a great view for your operational expenses.

For our members who experience issues and are using the latest browser, please check if your system allows pop ups to occur. People have experienced problems connecting to the AAMC Training site because the pop ups were blocked.

AAMC Training has a team of eight (8) developers working full time to ensure implementation of the new changes to our systems. Whilst we are first of the Australian Education Providers with our own APP via Apple and Google systems, our team is now updating the app to add certain features to increase operational productivity. We are aligning this initiative to meet the needs and improve our members' experiences  and are constanly making changes to our App and our system  to keep abreast  of what seems like daily technoloy advancements. 

Cloud computing also allows greater expansion opportunities for companies both locally and globally. However, you need to ensure you undertake thorough research before taking this step. You need to ensure your data is secured and that you advise your clients in your Privacy Act statement that their data is being housed offshore. Another thing to consider is if the data centers are located in another country. You need to  undertake a risk assessment in regards  to issues such as power supply, Privacy Act issues, download speeds, who can you contact if the server goes down and above all we would suggest that you visit the location to ensure they are actually located where they say they are and what their data storage facilities look like.

Issues are also around the public cloud and the private cloud and here you must also undertake your home work as to where your data may be stored and what is the best options for you and your clients.

Some countries around the world are now making it compulsory for early schooling years to learn basic computer coding. This is for the purpose of making the students to be well-equipped in the latest technology programmes as part of their preparation to enter the workforce. AAMC Training is now in the process of rolling out virtual online training programs via Lab Sims that enables technology education accessible to USA Certification if the students choose to gain the recognised certification. Or they may simply choose to undertake the training - having at least a working knowldege of the software programmes such as Word, Excel ,PowerPoint etc for an assurance they will obtain employablity skills in these areas.

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