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Basic social media networking for social media

Basic social media networking for social media

The many forms of media we have been using for decades are being eclipsed with a growth in membership numbers and adoption rates that we have never experienced before.

Consumers no longer want or trust advertising to the same levels they did a decade ago.

Today they want to talk to other consumers, including home loan customers, directly – creating a discussion and validating for themselves what they want or believe.

The following 10 Day action plan provides a guide to daily Social Networking activities for your Mortgage Broking business.

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System Requirements

  • What computer and software will be needed?
    • Windows XP or Linux based computer with internet connection.
    •  Internet Explorer 8.0 and above OR Mozilla Firefox
    •  Quick Time Player 4 and above
    •  Acrobat reader 6 and above
    •  Adobe Flash Player
    Download speeds
    •  Min 2 Mbps or above speed is required for running video