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Success is a Choice - 2 Year Mentoring Programme

The "Simply Mentoring" full mentoring programme covers the four key areas a broker needs to be ready for their successful career in broking; hence its new name Success is a Choice.

1. Business ready
2. Sales ready
3. Product ready
4. Client Ready

The programme is in 8 modules that can be used as a “whole” programme or modules selected as a “jigsaw” approach to suit the varying business models and requirements.

The first four modules are designed to be delivered in sequence and the next four modules may be delivered in order or as standalone self-paced modules to suit the business needs. This then suits new entrants who may already have some experience or come from a complementary industry.

The first four modules of the programme are to be completed in the first 12 months with a further 12 months supervision, cases studies and further learning content completed in the next 4 modules.

The course is mapped to the Certificate IV and the Diploma and along with industry updates the course will be updated in accordance with national guidelines. There will be two updates per year and additional updates if required by regulation/legislation.

The modules contain learning that reflects what the successful broker requires to learn on the job and build their business as below:

• Current case studies, role plays and research projects in each model
• All compliance covered in the modules
• Learning that encompasses the entry level learning to complex lending scenarios
• Sign off audit sheet at the end of each module to reflect the completion of all tasks assigned so that the mentee can move on to the next module
• External online assessment process for the Certificate IV and Diploma

Module one
Contains the complete Certificate IV in Finance/mortgage broking; all 12 units of competency.

In addition:
• Entering the industry tool kit
• Sales tools and marketing tools
• Compliance tools
• Behavioural quiz
• Goal setting tools

Module Two – Four
Contain two case studies, research project and role plays to reflect the learning as it grows to become more complex with the 8 units of competency to finish their Diploma within the 12 month time frame. At the successful completion of all tasks the mentee will receive their Diploma after module four.

Modules Five – Eight
Can be delivered as stand-alone modules to suit learning requirements and time frames.

Case studies across all the modules include;

• Simple finance scenario to enhance interview skills
• FHOG scenario
• Refinance
• Guarantor
• Construction
• Development Finance
• Asset finance
• Marriage Split
• Investors
• Deposit Bonds
• Buying a franchise
• Buying off the plan
• Goal setting tasks
• Marketing tasks
• Social media tasks
• Sponsorship tasks

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